Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law


Susan’s clients appreciate her personal attention to their legal needs. Here are some testimonials from clients pleased with how Susan handled their cases:

“Susan was a great help when I was tying up all the loose ends of my mother’s estate. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.” — Don S., Rockford

“Many thanks to Susan. She has made a difference in my grandson’s life.” — Kathy E., Rochelle

“I can’t thank Susan enough for her help with a zoning matter we recently encountered. Her keen insight, firm knowledge of the law, and thoughtful dialogue created one of the most successful and satisfying legal experiences imaginable. I have enthusiastically recommended Susan to friends and colleagues.” — Ron H., Rockford

“Susan helped me navigate through my first traffic ticket. Everything went just as expected, and it all went very smoothly.” — J.G., Rockford

“Susan is a fighter for the underdog, and she is a good person. She fights for causes because she believes in them, even when everything is stacked against her.” — Glenn P., Rockford

“Susan returns phone calls no matter what. She is so on the ball that I’ve changed my mind about lawyers. I will always have Susan be my lawyer.” — Sherry C., Joliet

“Susan is always there to help me when I need it. She gets right to the bottom of problems, right away.” — E.J., Rockford

“Susan is always genuine and has been very supportive during stressful times. She is always extremely patient and her precise writing and legal assistance allowed me to safely navigate rough waters that I recently encountered.” — Aaron V., Clinical Therapist, Rockford.

“Susan did a great job in quickly getting my child support dispute resolved. With her help I was able to move forward with my career plans.” — Ron S., Rockford