Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

Traffic Tickets

It can be tempting to deal with a traffic ticket by one of two paths of least resistance—ignore it, and throw the ticket away, or sign “Guilty” on the back of the ticket and mail it in with a check for the fine. Either of those methods could have unwelcome and unexpected consequences, however. If you have prior or subsequent traffic convictions, pleading guilty to a ticket could endanger your driving privileges. If you disregard the ticket, you could be required to appear in court, or, worse yet, in some instances a bench warrant could issue for your arrest, if the ticket you ignore was a “must appear in court” ticket.

Susan has extensive experience handling traffic tickets in Illinois and Wisconsin. Susan prosecuted city traffic tickets ranging from minor offenses to DUIs, and she has helped clients negotiate good outcomes for many different traffic offenses. Susan’s years of experience and familiarity with traffic court has helped her obtain satisfactory results for many clients.