Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

School Law

Susan Brazas handles many types of issues involving school law. Susan has intervened for teachers, parent volunteers, and students who find themselves at odds with their school system. School law can include employment law issues such as teacher discipline, layoff, and termination.

Among the most important aspects of school law is that in the public school arena, teachers, staff, and students are entitled to due process of law as to actions taken against or for them by schools. This means that public schools must provide them with a fair and meaningful opportunity to be heard.

Often, parents have the greatest chance for open communication with their students’ teachers by participating actively in school activities, including parent-teacher conferences and school events, and by keeping in regular contact with teachers. Having an attorney intervene often works best as a last resort, such as when suspension or expulsion are being considered.

Teachers and staff may have significant and multi-faceted legal issues for which an attorney’s involvement is helpful. These issues can include wages, benefits, and working conditions; school assignments; and promotion and tenure. Understanding the school’s policies for employment and for employee benefits is important, and an attorney’s advice can be valuable.