Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

Orders of Protection

On any given day in courtrooms across the state, judges are inundated with requests to order certain persons to stay away from certain other persons. These cases are known as “Orders of Protection” cases, when the two persons are in the same family or household, or “Stalking/No-Contact” cases when they are not.

The initial hearing when these requests are presented is one-sided, or “ex parte”, meaning that only the person making the request is presenting their story to a judge. If the judge is persuaded that the other person presents a danger is imminent harm, then a short-term Order will be entered. Only at a later date will the other person then get the chance to present their side of the story before the judge.

Susan has much experience in defending persons fighting against Orders of Protection. Although these proceedings are designed to be streamlined and efficient, in reality they can be drawn out over many months. Susan has helped several clients defeat requests for “plenary”, or long-term, Orders of Protection after she proved that the allegations were false or contradictory.