Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

Immigration Law

Often persons with questions about immigration law are fearful about seeking legal advice. They may be afraid that just asking for advice or help can put them in jeopardy. In fact, in any communication with an attorney, including in a free initial consultation, the matters discussed and the identity of the client or potential client are safeguarded as confidential. Susan offers a free initial consultation, in immigration law and in any other of her areas of practice. During this 45-minute consultation session, Susan will review documents and answer questions about issues such as requesting a change in legal status, preparing for interviews with the U.S. Immigration Service, and defending against removal (sometimes referred to as “deportation”).

Immigration laws and regulations and change quickly. It is essential to have the assistance of an attorney to facilitate and oversee the process. Gathering of the right documents can be complicated and difficult. It is extremely helpful to have an attorney present during any interviews with Immigration Service, and essential in the event of a removal proceeding before an Immigration Judge.