Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

Family Law

Susan Brazas handles a wide range of family law issues, including divorce—also called “dissolution of marriage”, and “post-dissolution” matters such as enforcing child support and awards of maintenance (formerly called “alimony”) and seeking a change in custody or visitation. Family law also includes cases for never-married parents, under the Illinois Parentage Act, where issues of custody, visitation, and child support are addressed.

Susan has appeared before many family law judges and is not afraid to present novel or unusual arguments for the best possible outcome for her clients. While sometimes cases proceed amicably and smoothly, quite often disputes arise which call for a tenacious, unwavering approach.

Some judges encourage—or even require—the parties to meet with a mediator before bringing issues to the judge for decision. In such cases, it is important to have an attorney’s guidance in the selection of the right mediator, and to narrow and define the issues for the client to present to the mediator.

When one parent wants to move with a child to another state, but the other parent disagrees, a hotly-contested battle known as a “removal proceeding” may ensue. To allow the removal of the child to occur, it must be shown that the best interests of the child will be served by moving. Susan helped one client defeat the other parent’s effort to move the child to a distant state by showing the negative impact of isolation from extended family and the uncertain duration of the move.

An attorney can help a client navigate the uncharted waters of custody and visitation. When the other parent is placing the child at risk of harm due to drug or alcohol abuse or other dangers, it is essential to have an attorney advocate to present evidence and legal arguments in the best way to safeguard the child’s interests.

Susan has often been appointed by judges to be the “Guardian ad Litem” in child custody and visitation cases, where her investigation and recommendations, as to the best interests of the child, are important to the judge’s final decision. Susan is well-suited to this role given her skills in interacting with children and teens.