Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

Election Law

Persons interested in running for office are well-advised to hire an attorney experienced in election law before starting the process of gathering signatures to be placed on the ballot. It is wise to know the myriad of details and specifics in advance, to prepare a complete and valid petition for candidacy.

Susan’s tenacious work for a client fighting for a place on the ballot placed her in the local news media spotlight for several weeks. Not discouraged by the outcome before the local Election Board, Susan pursued her client’s cause in the circuit court, where she and her client remained determined to be heard.

A person whose candidacy is being challenged, by an “objector” in an “election contest”, will be greatly aided by an attorney-advocate who can marshall case law and unravel the complexities of the Election Code.

The Election Code is subject to a wide variety of interpretations, with the most perplexing being whether a provision is “directory” or “mandatory”. In some portions of the Code, language that says what a prospective candidate “shall” or “must” do is directory, so that substantial compliance with the terms is deemed sufficient. On the other hand, some provisions are considered “mandatory”, and only strict compliance will survive the challenge.