Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

DCFS Hearings

An investigation by DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) can be devastating and frightening to a parent. Many parents are unaware that they can have an attorney present on their behalf when DCFS interviews them or their children. Often, the presence of an attorney tempers the tone and direction of DCFS interviews, as the attorney will be observing closely whether leading, suggestive questions are asked. The attorney can also intervene to direct the DCFS investigator’s attention to important aspects of the investigation.

Susan has had several successes in representing parents in DCFS investigations, when her clients received the good news from DCFS that they were closing their investigation as “unfounded”. These outcomes have turned on Susan’s astute observations during the interview process and guidance to the parents on proper handling of the interviews.

Susan has also helped a client win an appeal of an “indicated finding” of abuse by DCFS, by presenting evidence at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to show that the DCFS investigation was incomplete and inaccurate. Susan’s client was pleased that the DCFS finding was expunged, allowing the client to continue pursuing a career in the health care field.