Susan Brazas

Attorney at Law

Contract Disputes

Susan has represented many clients in contract disputes, ranging from landlord-tenant disputes to insurance coverage disputes to employment contracts. A party to a contract can be surprised to learn that the other party has a polar opposite interpretation of key provisions of a contract, or even of the valid and enforceable nature of the contract itself.

In many instances it is worthwhile to have an attorney review a contract before signing or presenting it to the other party for their signature. Once the contract is signed by both parties, it will be difficult to “undo” unless is can be proved that there was fraud or misrepresentation of a material aspects of the contract. However, there may be aspect of the contract which make it unenforceable, or void as contrary to public policy. It might also be argued that the other party failed to perform their obligations under the contract.

Oral contracts may also be the subject of contract disputes, and the credibility of parties and witnesses will be crucial to the outcome. Susan has been certified as a mediator for small claims cases in Winnebago County and has had success in helping parties to contract disputes come to satisfactory resolutions. Her skills in communication and mediation are helpful in negotiating settlements when agreeable to her clients.